So broken hearted - just moved away from my family

I have moved 50 miles from my mum
i feel like i left a part of my heart behind.
she says a part of hers went with me

i have moved from a great place to a smaller not as good place on my husband s wishes

i can’t believe i was in so much denial that i could say it was all good an it would solve his grumpyness
but now he loses it at the slightest thing
passive aggressive see you next Tuesday
i have no idea if he would get worse here but it definitely hasn’t stopped him being snarky and put me down
this is rubbish


Do you feel safe? Does he threaten you or hurt you?


Are you renting or owning?

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So you moved to help your husband? Just out of curiosity why?


sorry. i was going to go back and change my post, because it left the wrong impression… it was late

“loses it at the slightest thing” I meant to say he loses his mood - it goes out the window, he besoms grumpy (not violent or even agressive) just a bit oppressive

when i said snarky and putting me down I wanted to explain further
i meant that he uses a non feminist viewpoint as a rule of nature
“Mocks” also sounds too strong just banter, teasing in fun becomes something else when its a habit and rule of law…
It really started like it came from a loving place
like " i love you, aren’t you funny" vibe as a mindset - positive mindset in fun
becomes you’re a “you’re a real idiot” vibe when its a habit
becomes “everything you touch turns to ■■■■” vibe - as a leverage over me
Like if I make an excuse like being pre menstrual - then everything about this he considers free range because i said it first

It is starting to feel mean and passive aggressive

owning, with a mortgage

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Because of his work
he changed job to something he has always dreamed about but it’s 12 h shifts and was a 1h drive away each way

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I hope things get better for you


14 hour workday sounds super stressful. Maybe he can work a regular 9 to 5?

12 hrs
it was a one hour commute either day so we moved 50 miles away from where we lived round the corner from mum and sister

he works the shifts of the railway industry and does what they require for the job he wants to do
Hes been with them 30 years
where we are now he can walk to work


Grumpiness is a state of mind. You can overcome it if you try. Happy wife Happy life. Maybe he can buy you a car.

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he is so moody and affected by every last thing

he has aspergers, his father just died, we’ve moved house

his attitude is to show a lot of distraction and moodiness to every little one of life problems
but infact to be more compassionate its all been a bit much for him

i like how you understand, but you deserve his attention.

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