So beautiful out, but I'm too tired

Wish I was in walking mode today and had expendable energy, but I don’t. The elements are beautiful, and the trees are basically in full peak of Autumn. I refilled the bird-feeder outside & that was about all I could do.

Going to just relax in the home and enjoy whatever light the day offers today. I keep a shallow 59 degrees Farenheit in the house, been that way for weeks. What temperature do you guys keep your house set at?

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Pacific Northwest…

Gray and light rain… about 60 degrees out… slight random breeze…

Have all the doors and windows open.

I usually do have all windows open. So the out side temp is usually our inside temp.

Unless it snows… then I have to turn on the heat… that’s about 70.

Today would be a great day for a walk in the woods… as soon as my sis and I get the niece and nephew fed… it will be time to head out…

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I keep it at around 72 degrees, its been cold around here where I live.

The shorter days and dimmer sun light is getting to me - Have been feeling a bit Blue lately, dont feel like doing much.

This is the part of Autumn that I dont like so much.

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