So apparently this can happen

We’ve had covid in my house for the past while. Everytime one of us feels better, then next is sick.

I was one of the first and was very mildly sick. Well three days go I began having symptoms AGAIN only much, much worse.

So it’s possible to get reinfected quickly OR stress from working again right after being sick caused rebound symptom and virus activation of what was left un my body.

And the #2 thing that can happen- you don’t just have the option of losing taste and smell. NO, that would be too easy. Apparently you can have your taste altered so food tastes like rancid garbage.

Much fun. Many recommend.


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Sorry that this has happened to you Zombie. I hope that it doesn’t last much longer.

@Jeffmcguire …I don’t even know what to say. I’m speechless. Just, wow.

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I see. Thanks for explaining. Well, I’m off to try for bed again. Goodnight.

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Is it a bitter taste?

No. I accurately described it. Hot garbage.

Rancid, rotting garbage.

It’s not paxlovid mourh. I haven’t taken that med. It’s called parosmia.

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Learn more about covid. And you’ve been warned about targeting me with your “take your meds” trolling. Just because the other mod let it slide doesn’t mean i will

All of your food tastes like that? Even stuff like coffee?

Oh. I googled something like “parosmia coffee.” It seems coffee is one of the most common things to smell like garbage.

Be careful.

My step sister gave her mother Covid-19, and 6 months later she was dead. (She had COPD)

Don’t mean to be so extreme, but it’s true and very serious for some people. (Even though we’re now expected this to be ‘new normal’)

I hope you have a strong recovery back from it.

Please let us know you’re all doing ok

Sorry to hear. We haven’t had it yet but it killed my father.

Sorry to hear that. Hope you’re better soon.

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