So anxious I’m getting chest pains

Man I hate anxiety 151515


Dont stress to much…!!!

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are you ok now?

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A bit better now mum. I get so stressed sometimes. It makes me feel awful.

Normally I would speak to family on the phone but they are away on holiday. Just had a bowl of cereal with ice cold milk which made me feel better.

How are you! J x

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I’m struggling right now. I’m not tolerating my moods very well. I don’t know what to do. Everything’s a mess in my head.

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Sorry to hear that mum. You came off your ap a couple of weeks ago right?

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yea that’s right

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Yeah it will be hard for a while. APs are strong meds so it is a shock to your body when you come off them.

You were on the newer APs like abilify and rexulti? I find those meds way too stimulating. I prefer heavy sedators like seroquel and zyprexa.

Do you still have some benzo to help calm you down?

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yea, I have some but I’m rationing them. Trying to decide if I want to or not.

Why did u come off your ap.

U got no symptoms left or what ?

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I came off of one of my aps because it was making my td worse. I still take another ap called saphris


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