So after my minor freak out earlier am fine now that I took my evening meds

Was really anxious and full of dread. Am totally fine now.

But am determined to take my meds exactly 12 hours apart so am setting my alarm on my phone. Means getting up early and sticking to a routine but that is fine.

In other news: went for a walk and showered today!


Glad your feeling better. For regularity I always try to take my meds at the same time everyday. That includes pills for other things besides the mental issues. I think it helps keep me pretty even and that is a good thing!

Hope it goes well for you and well done on that walking!!! A little bit of decent exercise goes a long ways for total health!

Well done mate!


Glad your feeling better @anon20613941!
Excellent for the walk and shower!


Cheers buddy. Was just a short walk - need to build up endurance. But I sat in the Park for a while too just enjoying the fresh air!


I am impressed. You came back strong! Good on you.


Glad you’re doing better @anon20613941.

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i’m trying to get the council to fit a shower in my bathroom, i paid about £200 for a good shower and it packed it in at xmas :confused: which wasn’t great. i had a bath recently and had a beer in the bath with the music on haha was pretty cool.

Awesome I have a timer for my meds on my watch I am very compliant. Hopefully things start working better GL