Snowflake slang easily offended people

I have mixed feelings about the term.
It seems to be used a lot by people who are butthurt that someone opposes their political views.
But I also use it myself to describe those people who list their self-diagnosed mental illnesses in their tumblr bios and scream at men on the train for “oppressing” them with their man-spreading.


Here is my take on it:

Both sides on political spectrum implement variety of manipulation and gasslighting strategies just to steer, influence, or just plainly insult other people. Either for their own political gain or just to please some sort of pathology that one might be harboring.

These type of uncivilized conversations is a form of psychological warfare, and it almost cannot be avoided because of political games that we play, and also who we are as humans, and how long it actually takes to develop proper high EQ that is needed to solve the problems without flipping out or starting to manipulate others.

I would personally avoid calling anyone snowflake, no matter how “strongly” i disagree with anyone. That’s just my own personal opinion on the issue. It’s not like I am immune, I myself have a lot of work to do in this area. But acknowledging my own mistakes is story for good beginnings.

Insults and name calling have become very popular in the last four years. I just ignore it.

In the nineties cancel culture was a thing of conservatives. They tried to cancel rap and video games and porn. Now it’s moved to the left, but the number of targets and reasons for cancelling had increased, and so did the forms of techniques for doing so.

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