Snowden about haarp

Snowden reveals HAARP’s Global Assassination Agenda

“‘they’ can simply make a ‘target’ act in an insane fashion, in order to discredit them.

HAARP projects ultra-high-powered radio waves. Those waves operate at the same electronic frequency as the truncus encephali, or brain stem, selectively inducing deaths seemingly by natural causes – including by some appearing to coroners as innocuous as strokes or heart attacks.

and ultra low frequencies, aka ULF frequencies where apparently in which the brain operates

The story is apparently not true, as they say…yet there is some hidden truth in the false news item.
It could be an offensive campaign too launch somewhat the truth, yet not enough.
just too discredit snowdens information at forehand???

i hope the russians put it in good use, yet i foresee a third world war…

if anyone doesnt believe me fine…
yet try this video, and see what it does to you?

Snowden mostly reveals that he would like to go somewhere more tropical than Russia.


you didnt tried the video huh… with microphones.

here some more on the topic

people please try at least too believe me.

the mind is made up off electrical currents, aka brainwaves
theta, alpha, beta.

your mental state can be influence by those that have the tech to control and influence it

if you dont believe me try the video i posted above, and have a say on your findings.

HAARP is old news, its in the midst of “NWO, illuminati, jews” conspiracy.

whether its true or not makes no difference, there’s nothing you can do about it.

if you are on disability pension, consider yourself lucky that the masters of this planet have given you the privilege to live rather than suffer, do not feel guilty for receiving this payment, it is your right for being born here and given this mental illness.

if HAARP is what they use to send you thought signals, then by accepting the state’s welfare, you are being used as a mice in a rage for experiments.

if you haven’t accepted welfare from your state, and you have a job while being having sz, then you are working twice as much… working for a company that doesn’t care about you and working at home for thoughts you don’t even care about.

what can you do about it? simply laugh at the scenario… like this “hahaha US just conquered another country and i geat to eat a nice sandwich at home… i should probably stop bashing my state at this point, thats probably whats making me paranoid”

be glad you are amongst the ones who feast while the others rot, it is a gift, laugh a little.

(take this text too seriously and you might fall victim to what is known as innocent liberalism)

oh and if you want to know more about the hidden world of NWO

visit red ice creations dot com

then visit

antiwar dot com… note that anti war is funny because, it reports the truth about current affaires, it lets you know how the NWO is performing

consider yourself lucky that the masters of this planet have given you the privilege to live rather than suffer
i never ever too my knowledge have said, yes please i want too live…
curse my dad and mom in their action of heat, ok mixed feeling there.

be glad you are amongst the ones who feast while the others rot, it is a gift, laugh a little.
yes i know, i have been trough that road mentally
but also here are mixed feelings arise

ah whats the point of it all, give me just the damn button too end it all.
and start a new.

whats the point you ask?

the universe and cosmos as a whole is pointless, it exists because it has given us a platform to experience, and those who are running the globe are living at the fullest potential… wealth and power

since we are here dissecting their works and maybe criticizing it since we aren’t part of their blood stream, it always is news to us… but after a while when you recognize the patterns, you stop visiting the hospital and you are given a pension/allowance/welfare by the same people you wondered about

you are practically living like them now, except on a smaller scale, materialistic speaking… the others are being enslaved, we are watching and eating.

nothing to discuss here besides being amazed at the phenomena of the great TIGER BLOOD (that was funny when that stuff was all over media)

all you have to realize is by nature you are not one of them, you are however an observer and have been given the right to experience the dream

srry cant live with pointless, all the sh*t i have been trough.
and you say it was fooking nothing, pardon my anger.
im thinking it is more about boredom, or exploring each possibility

a tribe of people believe the purpose of life is to enjoy themselves. thats the only point you have to make during the pointlessness of the whole grand scheme of the cosmos.

the universe does not care about you whether you starve or rich, it doesn’t care if you’re handicap or an athlete, if the universe or cosmos judged creatures, it would be biased towards a certain group or species.

that would cause wars. and since every nation, country and religion thinks they are superior, the universe simply watches and eats popcorn while it continues to evolve… the human race is killing itself while nourishing its favourites.

if you want to have a point, its to have fun in the chaos, because complete order… or lets call it “100% order” with 0 chaos, would be nothingness, death.

where is the option too choose for an pill?
dont i have the option too: opt out? besides hitting my head onto gravel…

opting out is a phase you go through, i went through that phase as well.

the option to opt out is called assisted suicide, and governments are against it. i think its legal in switzerland but they don’t do it for schizophrenia.

also when i was close to opting out, i realized i was quitting… i cried and shed blood, ended in a hospital and noticed the government wants me to live rather then end 6 feet under… so i said screw it, if the state wants me to live, i’ll do it… and i starting to like the state because it fixed my depression phase.

you are going to opt out anyways, why leave early? realize that you are not enjoying yourself, which is the problem. find something positive or find pills, or go back to the hospital for a month (in canada you’re allowed to go anytime)

i mean dude, the government wants you alive and is paying for you to live, how is that bad?

i don’t experience pleasure, but i’m not negative anymore, i’m just bored… waiting for technology to implant me chips so that i can have emotion again, or riding the experience, since theres a chance i’ll never be back once i’m opt’d out.

Sometimes this forum really drags you down.

I know right, all of these non-harmful inconsequential posts that don’t effect me in any way are just dragging me down completely.

They are dragging me down so much i feel that i must speak up although i should not.