SNL member Darrel Hammond is fellow schizophrenic!

Just found out Darrel Hammond from Saturday Night Live is also diagnosed with schizophrenia. Thought this was interesting. It’s also a good example of someone who accomplished a lot besides his illness. Here’s a short link of a sketch with him.


This is awesome! Thanks @thebends6!

Also - a famous Jazz musician - Tom Harrell

It’s not awesome, it’s sad. Why would someone having schizophrenia be awesome? Would you be cheering if you had cancer and found out he did too?


goes to show, you never can tell… I always took Hammond as this gregarious quiet guy and to some degree I am accurate. never thought he self harmed and had drug/ alcohol problems, always under the assumption that he had it together. makes you wonder, who else has sz (ending with Hammond’s Clinton impersonation, biting his lower lip and giving the thumb/forefinger).

Lots of places online say that he has bipolar and schizophrenia - go figure

I find that hard to believe.

Darrel hammond is the sshhhiiittttttttt!

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It’s not sad that someone with our illness has made an impact somewhere. I was not saying that it is awesome that he has Sz.

I’ve heard of this, too! I think it’s awesome that he was able to accomplish a lot of things in spite of the mental turmoil that he has and still goes through. Knowing that Darrel Hammond was able to do all the things he’s done and been able to become successful makes me feel more confident in myself. I’ve wanted to be an actress for about three years, and finding out about my mental problems and dealing with them have taken a toll against my self-esteem and motivation. Though I don’t know too much about him, Darrel honestly makes me feel like I can succeed with my dreams.

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Actually it fits the criteria, many of us can’t communicate on a personal ‘face up’ level but we can make unbelievable strides when we are acting like somebody else, Robin Williams (God bless him) comes to mind also John Leguizimo although not SZ he’s ADHD and I think many actors have a disposition that allows for them to let out what most of us keep pent up.

Im thinking about going to Hollywood myself.

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