Snapchat anyone?

Basically sending photos that dissapear after a day or so… i didn’t get it at first but i think its cool.

because of my book my name is splattered all over. One time an intruder almost got in our house while we were there and I still wonder if it was someone targeting me because of my book.?

i know how you feel. people are conspiring to oppress my blog.

oh dear this is not good.

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Everyone please calm down?

@Szadmin, can you deal with this? Slammed at work.

(Wearing moderator hat and required PPE)

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Jukebox suspended for 2 days for telling people to “not talk to me” on a public forum. These discussion forums are for everyone - and members can’t tell others not to “talk to them” or to not post, because they are open for everyone. Please be civil and supportive.