Snapchat anyone?

I’m not asking for your ids just some photos :slight_smile:

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I thought I’d change the subject as I am starting to feel much better :slight_smile:

OK, but be careful ish, you could be cycling from depression to mania. Keep an eye on your decision making.

Keep a diary of how things are going.


@everhopeful I cycle several times in a day I am aware of it constantly but the manias feel good while they last. I am not manic yet don’t worry.

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i’d probably get a lot of horrible pictures if i did something like that :frowning:

what do you mean @asgoodasitgets ?

You’re too cute Ish, seriously, I hope this isn’t too forward of me which I’ve been told I can be (in person/in the past anyway)

Not the only one to be too cute for their own good, my first girlfriend is too, having lost her house she posed with her coffee in the morning wearing a monkey costume with ears…was no filter, she was wearing it.

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haha thanks @wrongemboyo i like playing with these cute filters… :slight_smile:

lol mines a filter though :stuck_out_tongue:

@asgoodasitgets i didn’t ask you to post your id !!! just some pics :slight_smile:

i have whatsapp but it would mean making my real name known :frowning:

@asgoodasitgets don’t worry you won’t be known never asked you to post your number lol

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I’m afraid that my real name is known…this isn’t the only forum I’ve been on and I haven’t been exactly anonymous or creative in my past usernames.

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does anyone here even use it? lol

i had to google it. i’d never heard of it. i’m still using skype.

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lol if you don’t mind me asking are you in your 20s?


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Yes I’ve heard of it, when I asked the last girl I dated what she was doing during our chats “snapchatting with friends” Okay what is that? They send you a picture with chat. Snapchat. No idea really. no idea.

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haha you’re still young… and i wouldn’t have guessed :slight_smile: i’m in my 30s too… :slight_smile: