Snagged a donut so I’m taking a break

They’re not going to miss one donut. Grabbed it and walked to an empty area to eat it.

35 minutes to go. I gotta look busy for the last half hour.
OR the alternative is I could really do some work.

Naw, I’m going with just trying to look busy.


That reminds me of my dad taking a donut in the grocery store and walking around eating it. I cracked up laughing. Hope you had a good day.


I asked this of an older guy in AA. Should I steal at work? Everybody else does.

He asked me: Do you like your job?

Oh wicked; I really like my job.

Then don’t steal he advised me.

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I grabbed another one just for good measure.

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This thread reminds me of this great song…

.King Missile - Take Stuff From Work - YouTube

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