I am aware i am a smokoholic. Similar to an alcoholic or workoholic i am in denial about something which i try to avoid to come to my conscious surface. Or maybe i am really stuffed. I smoke about 20 to 30 cigarettes a day. I believe it comes to a 700ml bottle of whiskey a day if i would compare myself with an alcoholic. They are no rehabilitation for me. The Psychiatric institution only supports mental illness but not smokingaddictions. Society believes i got a choice not to smoke.

Talk to your doctor. There are some medications to help with smoking, like Wellbutrin.

I’m on ecigs now. You could try those.

E-cigarettes(nikotin) are forbidden in Australia. I talked to the psychiatrist from the triage and she said i have a choice to quit a 30 year habbit of smoking just like quitting coffee or sugar. Cigarettes take 20% of my income. I like to quit alltogether as i have bad asthma from smoking, like an alcoholic i get liverdisease. A workoholic works himself to dead. I am really angry because cigarettes were advertised as a good thing in early times 80s and now uts getting demonized. But i am hooked and can’t get off it. I am getting socially mentally and financial sucked out. I am to weak to give up as i have paranoid schizophrenia. I tried jesus and he sort of give me to understand its allright to smoke, in moderation of course which i used to do. About 10 to 15 cigarettes a day but the demonization of smoking makes me so nervous i have to smoke even more. Buddhism help me to make a start talking about my addiction.

Outch. But you can still import them if your doctor gives you a prescription.

That’s pretty bad that they’re banned. Sorry to hear that.

You can buy ecigs from ebay australia:

The liquid you will need to import, you can get from vapemate:

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I was a heavy smoker, and now I have greater than 18 months without any nicotine.



When i observe nonsmokers i got the feeling they are not happy. I am happy and content. But there is always room to improve. I am preoccupied with cigarettes. Its like there is no life without. It seems cigarettes drive me. Its the reason i get out of bed to have a smoke and make sure i got a supply to get me through the day. I hear rumours when i don’t smoke i only need half of the medication. It seems people think to quit smoking its like to decide not to play basketball or watch a certeain tv channel for example. But the more i rave on about it i think its more a habit to break with patches, inhalers chewinggum tablets. I sit a lot on my own listen to the radio and light up for a welcome change of doing something else every 20 min. or so. I think i am to much fixed of what other people want as what i want. Rich is the man who don’t need much. I don’t have a mortgage or bills. I live really simple.

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