This is my thread for the day.

Time to brew up some more coffee how are you all doing?

I can’t wait until next month… I’ve get some stuff I want/need.

117 bucks… that’s way less than I spent on drinking. It’s been nearly a week already since I’ve drank any alcohol. I’m gonna stick with that so I can afford things like this stuff and maybe even save some money.

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Hopefully the sale prices won’t change to much… These really are the only products I want. I don’t want to have to search out comparable things for cheap. Narrowing this down took long enough.

People on here don’t like drinkers, but I guess weed is acceptable. Huh?

Meh… I don’t care what other people do… I don’t see any reason to drink for me personally any more.

I’d be more bothered by pot use if I didn’t know that its none of my business. Although I find the humor of the pot smoking community to be pretty entertaining.

Different from the emotional intensity of alcoholism. That’s not funny at all.

I just got ready and packed. I’m going camping with friends tonight :blue_heart:

Good luck with stopping alcohol :blush:


Alcohol is worse for “normies” than weed is. But weed is worse for us. IMO.

Weed makes me uber paranoid and anxious, I hope I never smoke it agian.

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Party for my nephew last night. I fell asleep late - I’m just waking up.

Morning, @sososososoitgooooooooooes.

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Oh it is already done.
@turningthepage good insight there
@Rhubot I forgot how early it was… I’ve been awake since midnight

Hope all of you… including @daze have great saturdays ahead


love the tortex picks. excellent choice.

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It’s pans! Hi, pans! Pans, do/did you play hockey? What position? Do you have a favorite team?

They looked like some good picks for bass and guitar… I found a program that lets me use my computer as an amp for both bass and guitar… it doesn’t record because its the free version but it is pretty cool.

The bass causes my speaker to rattle at full volume but at 90% its all good

yeah, great picks, very hard to break them. i use the tortex jazz picks, heavy heavy gauge, great tone.

I was just going for something middle of the line… turtles are also my favorite animal :smile:

i did. was the assistant captain. defenseman i was, alot of assists.

i emulated wise defensemen. loved old chelios, smart player.

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He spent a long time playing for my favorite team. For a while it didn’t seem like he’d ever need to retire. Very smart player.

Sorry, don’t mean to horn in on your conversation with Bryan. It’s just really nice to see you in this thread.

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Eh… it’s cool… I like watching other chat on here… hate when it gets political about anything… but simple exchanges like this are pretty cool… i’m continuing to get to know both of you O_o(and i’m not doin a thing)

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Thats the type of player i wanted to be.

The others were going for the super star get all of the goals guy.

I was busy studying how to keep guys away from our net and make the right passes at the right times so we’d win games. Had alot of assists.

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Check this out: (from life hacker)

Netflix charges a monthly fee of $7.99 per month, which comes out to $95.88 per year. Amazon Prime costs $99 per year, which comes out to about $8.25 per month. Forgetting the nice shipping benefits you get with Prime, you pay about the same.

Free 2 day shipping on all orders… 99 dollars a year. Probably a bargen for some, but it also wrangles you into only shopping with amazon… I like newegg… I guess I can always do my homework there and then purchase through amazon… hmmmmmmmmmmm… 2 day shipping

I just cancelled my pandora subscription and like half of that righ there

I love cats. You forget they are there. They aren’t even making a sound. Then you look up and.


A wild Gonzo appears!


Lol! I couldn’t find him in the first one

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