Smoking is making me sick but im finding it hard to stop this time

ive never really benefitted or felt good from nicotine. sometimes it is nice for a minute or so but i end up dizzy and lazy.
i want to quit because nicotine feels like ■■■■ to me and i know smoking is bad for health

the only thing is that i find it harder to stop this time. i broke my pack of cigs but the next day ended up smoking the half broken remains filterless and eventually am back to smoking full ones again. i wonder if there is something i can replace it with as its not worth feeling bad all the time just for a few minutes of doing something relaxing

i used to smoke alot of pot but it caused my psychosis to began, i think that is how i developed the habit but to me tobacco is bad in other ways and is limiting me in feeling normal

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This may sound rediculous, but when I joined the gym I gave up nicotine for good.

Replace bad habits with good ones. I.e. lifestyle changes


How I quit smoking is as follows. First couple days smoke half a cigarette. Next few days smoke quarter cigarette. After that when you have a craving only take one puff and butt out. Eventually the nicotine in your system tapers off and you need less.


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