Smoking is a habit fit for a witch

I’m not through insulting my former habit of smoking. It was terrible.


i’m with you…every time I smoked, I hated the cigarette, hated myself, and hated my hope in life…so happy on day two…thanks @chordy for the insight…damn cigs…hate em.


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I don’t know what you’re trying to say.

Can you believe people used to smoke in airplanes?


I’ve done that I still like to sit in the back
3 rows from the back on the left

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I’m so glad I never smoked.

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It may seem to help schizophrenics with it’s frontal lobe activations but it’s an insidious drug. It doesn’t do much when your addicted but honestly. Best thing I ever did for health was give up that rubbish. I used to smoke butts to help my habit. So disgusting nowadays!


I’m stuck with smoking. Nothing else makes me feel so good. I think it does something for my cognition. Without the cigarette I’m more likely to just stay in bed or when I’m awake that I dislike myself.

Probably it lowers side effects of my medication. And yes it keeps you awake, espacially with caffeine. I would like to be not dependant on cigarettes, but I have a better feeling and am more active if I smoke.

I have over 40 quit attemps. Nut these came from outside pressure like my doctor and my sister or brother. My mother said that I can just quit if I really want it. And I’m between smoking and not smoking currently.

I agree that smoking served a purpose, but I think the purposes were delusions. We did not appear to ourselves as we did to others.

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