Smoking and Hygiene and Increased Negative Symptoms

I started smoking again after a year of quitting. I noticed my hygiene is not as good as when I quit smoking. Some of my symptoms have increased and I have more depression. It also is costing me money and is bad for my health, obviously. Anyways, has anyone else noticed their hygiene is not as good because of cigarettes? I also was studying German through a phone app before I smoked. I also stopped reading. I was reading a book a month. I’m not even losing weight because of smoking. The only positive thing is my memory has improved. For example, I have noticed increased working memory when it comes to remembering digits. I couldn’t even remember 6 digits. Now I can. I am also taking a free math course, but I doubt that has anything to do with cigarettes. Nicotine is supposed to make you smarter, but it seems like a lie.

I plan on quitting again because the cost of cigarettes is going to increase. I started smoking because I was stressed.

I also have noticed I’m exercising less. I forgot something else, but, ya, can anyone relate? Thanks.

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If you wanna talk hygiene , well cigarettes make you smell and can make your teeth yellow. You’re also probably not gonna be aware that you smell if you smoke alot , i noticed that people kept telling me about the smell. I quit like 2 years ago but i was never like a hardcore smoker, it was off and on. Mostly social . For me, cigarettes drained my energy. I did read about something saying cigarettes help people with schizophrenia, but i figured a greater chance of lung cancer and heart disease was not worth it.


Yeah I read that study too… but it is due to nicotine cigarettes the themselves. So I gathered much healthier option would be nicotine lozenges, which I use instead of smoking. When smoked I didn’t feel well, noticed decreased motivation, also exercised less. I had also difficulties sleeping.

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