Smoking and Giving up

I have been smoking since I was 11 years old. I am now 29 and this morning I was thinking about it - I have been smoking for 18 years. I think I am probably going to pay for that in some horrible way at some point soon, so not sure whether it’s worth giving up or not. I don’t always enjoy it, but I have smoked for so long now I am not sure I can give up at all. I like going and having a break from whatever I am doing, and it’s such a massive part of my routine.

I don’t know what to do. I really considered giving up this morning, but I caved in after about 30 mins which is pathetic. I am just not sure because I started so young if I have a tolerance to it or whether I have literally guaranteed a significantly early death because of it.

I find things really difficult at the moment, so not sure if I should maybe leave giving up for better times when I have less other things to cope with. I know it’s unhealthy but I am not sure if I can go without as small things at the moment are putting me in the red.

It’s hard when you have been doing something for the majority of your life.

I don’t know. I guess I need to just carry on and wait for a period of stability first :-/


the only I can do it,

and I’ve done it a lot, quit smoking

was with the gum, and working out to excess


Don’t you think that going from smoking on a daily basis for 18 years to zero is a rush to failure? Why not set the goal to occasionally not smoke when you’re taking a break from whatever you’re doing?

I’ve smoked for 35 years, and I’ve tapered down, but I don’t want to quit.

I guess cutting down would be for the best. Giving up completely I don’t feel is an option.

A lot of people do that vaping now but I don’t really get it.

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Its easy to start vaping, theres plenty of online websites to get information for beggining vapers. Its a good way to quit smoking . And you can slowly lower the nicotine levels of vaping to try quit . I dont really care to quit vaping, im just on a low nicotine level now. I dont think its very harmful at all.


I smoked tobacco for 6 years (no where near as long as you, but long enough) and I used to love it, I thought I would never see the day where I would be able to quit, it seemed impossible. However, a few months ago I began to notice how much smoking was affecting my health, I no longer enjoyed it, and had simply had enough.

I started vaping and haven’t touched a cigarette since, and I have had absolutely no urges to start smoking again, it has been ridiculously easy and my body has never felt so ‘clean’ if you can understand.

I started with 18mg liquid (which was probably too high), and moved down to 6mg within two weeks, and within the next few weeks I will be down to 3mg and then hopefully 0mg.

You can definitely do it, but going cold turkey is ridiculously difficult. Take your time, it’s a process, you’ll get there.

I switched to vaping. I couldn’t go longer than 30 minutes without a cigarette either. I just vape my ecig now.

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Wellbutrin binds to nicotine receptors. People who take it experience less cravings and often just wonder why they were smoking, it is sort of weird.

I would seriously consider it.

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Tried Wellbutrin, but the first three days I was like a mad maniac scientist and couldn’t handle it anymore.

-I’ve heard it has been successful for a lot of people assisting them to quit

-still smoke, smoked since 14 now am 20