Smokey Robinson 1994

In 1994 I was living in a board & care home and I became friends with this guy. He was exactly ten years younger than me but we got along fine. One day we saw a poster on this wall downtown advertising that Smokey Robinson was going to appear at this small concert hall in our town. We were both into old music so we agreed to attend. That night we caught a couple of buses and we actually found the place. We went inside and sat down and then after about 30 minutes—Smokey Robinson came out! We were excited until he started talking about “being born again”. And he talked for an hour. No “Tracks of My Tears”, No “Tears of a Clown”. Man, what a letdown. So we caught two buses home. And then there was the time we went to see Black Sabbath. It was almost as bad

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A singer talking on his concert rather than singing was really disappointing. I am glad you had ventured out with your friend that night. That’s still special in life.