Smokes is quitting smoking

@mermaid1 you were right tho this ■■■■ is toxic.

Lexapro isn’t working out I think I’m allergic or something. The insert says that I should stop immediately based on the side effects I’ve been experiencing. I’ve been dissociating a lot today. Which means Death wants to speak to me. I need to get control over my life but I literally don’t know how.

@Rhubot @supernova @Moonbeam Can I get a ban until July 10? That should take me through until my next doctor’s appointment and I can reassess from there



Good luck! Make a new account and let us know if you need us earlier than that. Otherwise, see you in two weeks.


I hope you feel better very soon @anon2818416.


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Take care of you meanwhile @anon2818416

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