Smoke anyone?

No thank you. I prefer oxygen.


Ugh, I need to quit smoking.

My sister said to me today if I don’t quit I’m gonna look older than her in 10 years.

(She’s 15 years older than me)


I quit 5 years ago. I just rediscovered breathing today. Hey, I really am glad I replaced the smoke with oxygen.


I smoke CBD… Stopped vaping though… Probably need an anxiety pill to be honest… Don’t smoke it around her


What, exactly is CBD?

Once you hit a certain age as a smoker there’s no going back and looking young again. At least if you’re overweight you’ll always be able to lose a few pounds and look better.

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Stopped vaping nicotine? Or cbd?

I have a dry herb vaporizer that I use CBG in. I can’t smoke it cuz it smells like ‘the real thing.’ Lol

True that… aye yi yi I really need to quit

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I quit smoking ten years ago this May because I was having problems breathing. Turns out I have emphysema after 35 years of smoking. My grandmother had emphysema, and it killed her. She smoked until the day she died though. Maybe there is some hope for me.


I didn’t mean to come accrosss as mean. But you really should quit.

I smoked 18 years and quit when I was 33 yo.

Whatever it takes you should do it tho.


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Oh, no it didn’t come across as mean at all. It was honest.

Thanks, I’ll start tonight trying to stop

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@chordy. It’s related to the pot plant but has a different chemical compound than pot while pot has a lot of thc the stuff that makes you high, true CBD is 0.3 or less thc in it and is mostly CBD and does not make you high but helps people with anxiety and pain

@mikev0882. I use to vaped 0 nicotine (vaping CBD does nothing and I mean nothing for me) and still smoke CBD cigarettes


That’s interesting. What kind of vape were you using?

I prefer not to smoke it because of the negative health effects. But dry herb Vaporizers are so new and
Nobody knows the long term effect of them either.

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Im about to light one.

@mikev0882. I’ve tried two things one that is 80 voltage and one that is 15 voltage I can’t stand the higher voltage… They make actual cigarettes of CBD ya know

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Does CBD have nicotine? Is it addictive? I’m assuming the smoke itself is a hazard.

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@chordy. It has no nicotine it is non addictive… Probably but it’s what helps me

No it does not have nicotine. Yes, it is habit forming. (At Least for me.) And yes, smoke is a. Hazard.

Are those cheap??

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Mine was like $70. But it lasts forever.

I have the dynavap.

You’ll need to be wary of the chit they sell at local brick and mortar shops. They ALL suck.