Smell the flowers...enjoy this time instead of worrying!

since my life style hasn’t really changed since the virus hit the united states, it gives me new areas to ponder now that everyone is stuck at home…I am especially thankful for all the essential workers keeping the nation well and safe right now…the truckers, the health workers, the store workers and all the restaurants that are doing curb side service or drive thru…I hope all of you don’t worry too much…this too shall pass as said by my grandmother…


That’s a good mindset to have. How are you doing jukebox? I personally had to cancel my first official meetup, took me forever to work up the courage to schedule it, sort of a bummer.

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thanks for asking @agent101g we are o k…Angie felt sick the last two days so we have been watching for fever but none so far so I am relieved right now…

sorry about your meet up…


Oh no, I hope Angie will be okay. There are still regular illnesses around in addition to the coronavirus. Hopefully it’s nothing.

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