Smell hallucinations

I hate these so much. My husband says the house smells nice ( I am burning a candle and have a wax melt thing going) but all I smell is garbage like garbage that’s been sitting out in the sun. Does anyone else get these types of hallucinations? I took the trash out but it only had paper stuff in it

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YES! I get these all the time. Garbage/spoiled food in the house is a common one. Sometimes I get really embarrassed because I think I smell like BO. I carry deodorant with me because of it. I use a lot of deodorant. Or worse, sometimes I feel like I didn’t clean well enough after the bathroom and smell like poop even though I make sure to clean extremely well. Sometimes I smell my house burning or gasoline. Burning rubber or chemicals when I’m driving. It’s awful.

There are sooo many smells hallucinations I have. I HATE it.

I’m sorry you get these too. Do you ever find relief from them?

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I feel like I smell bad a lot too. Use probably too much body spray and deodorant. They are my most persistent symptom. Smelling poop, garbage, smoke…sometimes they’ll go away for a while but mostly I have them. I also smell electrical fires sometimes and that’s scary. Luckily I’m not home alone anymore so I get reality checks easily. It really sucks!

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Agreed. It is awful. Electrical fires are in fact extremely terrifying. I’m sorry.

I’m also very lucky to have my partner working from home so he’s here often. Unfortunately his nose is not good at smelling most things. So I can’t always trust that he can smell what I smell. He does do gas and fire checks for me though. He checks the stove and walks then entire house for fires. He is so good.

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My nose pretty much just doesn’t work, but “when it does”, ill be focused on stinky scents.

I’ve smelled wet wallpaper when I wasn’t in a room where anyone was putting it up. :thinking: I’ve smelled other smells that seemed to be at odds with the location I was at. Smell isn’t a huge hallucination for me, I don’t think. Sometimes it’s triggered by my thoughts. If I’m thinking of cinnamon rolls, it will trigger the scent, and the room will smell like cinnamon (but this doesn’t happen too often).

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