Smash patriarchy

11 murders of women by their husband
or boyfriend in less than one year here
in Greece. Smash patriarchy.


I don’t understand how patriarchy is responsible for murder?

The victims are women.

OK but why did those men kill those women? Was it a bad batch of meth? Did they take testosterone pills? We’re they traumatised by a war? Or did the patriarchy do something to cause this, and if so what did it do?

And why weren’t 100000 other men affected and turned into murderers?

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Toxic masculinity mostly. And yes the patriarchy is responsible for it.

This 'Not all men" ideology is hollow and shallow. It is like saying that Hitler was solely responsible for the Right wing ideology when it takes a lot of right wingers to create and make a Nazi war machine.


Well then aren’t we talking about ‘toxic patriarchy’ enabling violence towards women, where ‘healthy patriarchy’ might enable men to defend and support women?

“The Patriarchy” seems to be about gender roles, which can still exist without murder and without toxicity.

The patriarchy has been going for thousands of years with these “gender roles” playing the most part. From burning and drowning ‘witches’ and ownership of women even through marriage; all under the premise of these harmless gender roles.

The Arabic world is 600 years behind the Christian one in regards to women, but it is all the same patriarchy. It has to change outright. Women can’t afford to wait another 600 years for the next phase where gender roles of the superiority of men over women still exist, even though the toxic ones are coming to the forefront in the West these days.

The toxic masculinity and the patriarchy are different wings on the same bird. Gender roles underplays the effect our society has on males.

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It’s weird. I don’t see any women posting in this thread. I would think that their input would be more significant than any. I would like to see their views on this.

Yes when I look at women in more oppressive countries it is easier to associate their oppression with the patriarchy.

It is time we took responsibility for our own roles and the society we control for the most part.

Probably because we’re tired of chiming in just to be told our experience isn’t valid by men who refuse to change their way of thinking.

It’s more effective to have men try to change men. And thank you for being on our side when it comes to this.


@ZombieMombie is right. I completely agree.


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