Smart people may learn music faster

I had music lessons as an extra curricular activity from the ages of 8 to 13. To say I was crap at it is to put it mildly . I never even got to take grade 1.

I’m 99% sure that was due to the dyspraxia I very likely have , and the cognitive/physical difficulties that can go with it .

I never could learn to read music. I self taught on the guitar, found the cords myself, a few anyway. But other than a little picking on the guitar I’m a musical idiot.

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I had a cheap guitar for a short while as a child . I couldn’t even reach the level you’re at with it .

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Dont smart people learn everything faster? Isnt that like the whole point in being smart?


That may be reasonably accurate for the majority that don’t have spiky cognitive profiles .

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I took piano lessons from the ages of six to eighteen. In the end I could never approach the skill level needed to play complex pieces.

I took violin lessons from sophomore year of highschool to senior year in highschool. By college I played in a symphony orchestra. That is one of those things I miss dearly that sz took away

Back when I was smart, as a kid, I played piano and read sheet music.

Haven’t done it in years. Don’t think I could do it anymore.

I always admire those with musical abilities.

That’s what I think I am struggling with. I’m just not smart enough anymore after 37 years of living with sza and its cognitive effects. I’ll probably never be able to perform piano at an advanced level.

Seemed rather obvious to me.

Having a spiky personality doesn’t help, either.

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I’m not the brightest bulb but it did take me some time to figure out how to do circular breathing on the didgeridoo. Now it’s just so natural I don’t even think of it.


Yes it’s true. I could hum “Stairway to Heaven” after only hearing it once. “Sympathy for the Devil” was a little harder.

I have a good deal of natural ability when it comes to playing guitar because I can read tab. However, when it comes to knowing music theory, I pretty much know zilch. To boot, a couple of people have compared my singing voice to Neil Young’s. It’s maybe only a half positive compliment for me, but maybe it shouldn’t be.

Ive been taking guitar lessons for the last 3 months. Actually it was kind a test to see if my brain still works anymore.

Here are the results:

My brain still works. It just takes me forever to be able to learn something new.

Actually once my teacher asked me, “what are you thinking about while your playing?” He wasn’t being rude, he just noticed it wasn’t going well.

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