SMART Goals --- If you do this, you will never fail (WITH TREATMENT)

[Help] SMART Goals.

Writing down your SMART goals:

In terms of what kind of goals I would suggest, I would stick with things that are easily quantifiable and measurable.

S - Specific

Your goals should be specific, meaning that they are honed in on one thing and not open for misinterpretation. You can make sure your goals are specific by answering the 6 W’s (Who, What, When, Where, Why, Which).

For example, the goal of ‘feeling good’ is not specific because it could mean a hundred different things to different people.

A specific goal might be to ‘I have enough energy to climb up three flights of stairs at my apartment building by June 1st’.

M-‐ Measurable

Measurable means that there is some objective way of knowing that the goal has been achieved or not. This typically means that you state the goal in terms of ‘how much’ or ‘how many’ of something rather than in terms of a feeling or something that cannot truly be measured.


An attainable goal is something that can actually be accomplished within the bounds of physics. I remember as a sixth grader wanting to be able to dunk a basketball. That was clearly not an attainable goal for me in sixth grade.


The goal must mean something to you. Clearly in the case of getting things done, we know that this goal is going to be very meaningful to you.

T‐Time bound

There is something magical about having a deadline. By setting a date that you will achieve your goal, you establish a sense of urgency that will serve to motivate you even more.

I’d like you to take time to write down three SMART goals.


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