Smart ass comments

Has anybody ever made a smart alec comment to you and you almost lost it? I went looking for a small cell battery at books a million because I thought they might carry it in one of their LED book lights. I ask the cashier whom both were doucheballs, they say ’ negatory ', ‘This is books a million not a Circuit city’. My first reaction was quietly to myself like ‘WHAT’!? then I realized it wasn’t worth snapping over. So I just told the cashier, that ‘you were close on that one’, close meaning close to me jumping the counter and assaulting the dude. But I have a very high boiling point. My blood may boil, but I’m within my limits. Have a good one.


When I was a waitress, the cook broke the yoke of some easy over eggs and the customer said to me " I ordered my eggs over easy, not scrambled." He was really mad.

I witnessed a smart assed comment from a haircutter when a well dressed man in his 40’s was giving her a hard time by being very vaugue about how he wanted it cut.
He told her just to cut it half off, and she replied “which half”?
He wasn’t happy but it sure made me giggle.


half way to the roots. It makes sense to me.

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Yeah, it was obvious he ment cut the last half off, but he was so vague it left it open to interpret “the left half or the right”?
Still makes me laugh, even though she got in trouble by the manager for being inappropriate.

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yes once i was walking my dogs and i walked round the corner and this ■■■■■■■ smashed a bottle and it nearly hit me.
i went ■■■■■■■ nuts at him i told him to pick it up!
he said ill pick u up in a minute im not very good at being a hardass.

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I cant stand smart ass remarks especially if they are tainted with some sarcasm. I mean pure anger, I will accept if it is warranted, but sarcastic people with their sly remarks can go to hell as far as Im concerned :angry:


Maybe if you didn’t think of the cashiers as doucheballs, you wouldn’t have reacted the way you did. Anyway, the word is nugatory not negatory.

How did I react? I thought they were ‘doucheballs’ afterwards. Please don’t become offended. Thanks for the spellchecker though. I thought the forums had their own.

and its always in groups isnt it wave people never have the balls to say anything when they dont have their safari park chimps to back them up hehe.

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I’ve angered people using sarcasm. Its constantly used on TV sitcoms and by comedians, movies or announcers at sports games. But a person has to be around it a while to get it in conversation. Like the characters in Big Bang Theory are always using it. Such as insulting each other.

What did you say that made them angry Boris? I guess if it wasn’t for insults we wouldn’t have to verbally defend ourselves. Comedy is cool. You just have some people writing for those shows I don’t know about you it just ain’t funny to me. The motto of the National Sarcasm Society is “like we need your support”.

A form of sarcasm on this sight we use a lot. Laughing about a hard situation he got into years ago. Guessing he hasn’t overcome it yet.

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I have to admit, sometimes my attempt at being funny comes off as a smart ass comment. I don’t mean it to so I have to use humor sparingly sometimes.

There are sometimes when I really don’t understand the comment until much later in the day, then I’m like… “Oh hey… yuck”

The sad thing is, we’re all so on guard for smart assed comments. I’ve gotten some genuine compliments and I thought the speakers were having a go at me, but they kept trying to assure me that they were being genuine. It’s sad when sarcasm is our primary got to for communication. All the time. It really puts everyone’s shields up all the time.


Yes I understand what you mean,I would feel like that too I could think ‘how dare they think they can make a comment like that to me I will kill you’
Controlling it is the key though,well done for controlling yourself,it is very hard.
Someone made a load of comments to me the other day and mean ones and I snapped and started shouting and swore at them but I was so close to fighting the lady but I controlled myself,it’s a bummer though when people don’t appreciate nor respect your trying your best to controll yourself,I felt proud how I controlled myself but the lady didn’t show any respect for how well I handled myself.
Oh well.

I agree with that Boris,just yesterday I laughed about situations that we have all overcame. @Boris

I was recently posting a question on‎ but they rejected my post due to the topic being about God and his extending beyond all his creations thus extending beyond Space and Time as well.

They responded….Questions about the nature of reality, God, or science, etc are all off topic here. This site is for questions about Christianity, not necessarily about the things that Christianity is about. I know that is a layer of abstraction that most people don’t expect coming here, but questions need to be about some specific Christian tradition, practice, teaching, etc. Christianity obviously cares about the nature of God, but you need to do some research and figure out what branches teachings you are interested in and ask specifically about those. – Caleb

**My smart ass responce…**Very well, I accept your claim that God is excluded. – Sean

In a way my point was that Christianity is a form of confinement, just as was made clear by the response. Absolute truth concerning the all however, clearly is not bounded by a form of confinement. The ALL does not fit within another.

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Negatory is slang for no. It is not nugatory, which means trivial or worthless.

“Do you have batteries?”

a) No. This is books a million not a Circuit city
b) Trivial. This is books a million not a Circuit city

Negatory is obviously the better choice.


Humor and sarcasm can be a funny mix :wink: It can also have disastrous results depending on who is on the receiving end of it. Something I saw the other day stated that behind every “I’m kidding” is some truth. We use humor and sarcasm to point out things while trying to keep the tone light.

When my husband and I first started playing card with my sister and her husband he once stated to my sister that she didn’t take chances much while playing cards. He said it in jest but she took it to heart and it really upset her.

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All I can think to say to that is wow…