Small village, little town or big city

Where would you live if you had a choice, a small village where everybody knows each other, a little town or a very big city?

I think I am happy with a little town. I have lived in big cities too such as Atlanta and Miami, but now for the past 16 years I have lived in this small town in eastern Finland.


I currently live in a small town and i like it :slight_smile:

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I like my anonymity when getting out and about. i’m more likely to find that in a big city. only trouble with the city is traffic is a nightmare and rents are higher.

right now I live in a small town but don’t socialize much, I’ve become a recluse the past year. this allows me to maintain some anonymity. also it’s not the small town I grew up in so I don’t have the formed relationships from the past.


You left one out. Rural where you can’t see you nearest neighbor. That is where I live.

My second choice would be a college town. Where I could be invisible.


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