Small vessel

My thinking abilities are restricted. Anybody has got this?

I don’t really know if mine are restricted. I know a few years ago I wasn’t doing well at all and needed a lot of help. But with a lot of work and therapy and training, I actually feel like I’m doing better.

But I know that my abilities are come and go. Some days I amaze myself. Other day’s I’m glad I can put on pants.

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I used to be straight-edge, which is a term for people who don’t consume any drugs, even caffeine or tylenol, and now I am prescribed six pills a day. I wake up every morning very sedated and struggle to make a coffee and smoke a cigarette, I remind myself that the way I feel right when I wake up is temporary and can be solved with a black coffee.

I can’t join the military, which was all I ever wanted before I became schizophrenic.

I take time to switch between two tasks. It is as if I am thinking what or how to do the next task whilst it is actually so simple. I think this slow thinking has got to do with cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia.

i can’t remember what day it is, what i just posted, even if i went into town recently !
i think it is pretty normal for sz.
take care

p.s. but i do remember to put my pants on and pull my zip up each day !

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I feel like a loaded freight train going up hill in the morning, then after 2 cups of coffee and being left alone for the coffee to kick in, It feels like the top of the hill. Then by dinner time, I’ m not to be stopped rolling downhill full speed.

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What is a “brain fog”? I think I’ve got it, whatever it is!


I dont have trouble thinking, just remembering. I just happen to have a few black holes in memroy that i have no idea what i’ve been doing or thinking. Not pleasant feeling at all