Small talk and this site

I used to say it so much… “I hate small talk” or “I can’t relate” or “I can’t keep my mind on things enough to answer… why even bother, I’m not like anyone else”

But this site has been a sort of therapy for me. I was really pondering that just now. Trying to keep on topic of the thread, trying to read the other post and get the gist of what is being talked about, keeping up the flow of the conversation and keeping it appropriate…

It’s hard to learn this stuff. But this site has helped me with this a lot I believe. I’ve been learning small talk and how a conversation sort of goes down and how to deal with it when I see/ hear things I disagree with in a conversation.

I really do feel like I’m communicating better at my job because I’m working harder at communicating effectively here on this site.

Thank you 100% everyone. I hope you have the same results.


This is a great site for people to communicate with others who are going through the same things. We have a lot more in common than we think - I myself also benefit from the communication I get on here, it is never good to isolate


I think this site has definitely helped me too. Before I joined, I was isolating majorly. And when I did converse in person, I had a hard time following the flow of conversation and forming original ideas.

Now I feel I can follow at least a one-on-one conversation better. And I can contribute something of my own as well.

This site, and all of the wonderful people I’ve met, have been such a blessing to me!



I’ve also been so blessed to have been on this site. I feel like I am not alone, that there are others out there that understand, and its nice to have these little conversations about other things as well as sz. I have so much fun browsing this site and posting. Thanks guys for bringing some brightness to my days!


This site has really helped me too! I only know one other person in real life who has sz, and we don’t talk about our symptoms that much. I feel like I can post anything on here and at least one other person will say I’ve experienced that no matter how bizarre it may seem. This site has been therapeutic also because it has allowed me to examine different components of my being. Like you J it has also helped with having conversations in the real world. At 30 I feel like I’m just now learning how to have conversations with people. I’ve always been quiet and am now just coming out of my shell. :sunny:


Really like this site. I don’t have any friends that live near me so I come on this site instead. It gives me structure to my day.


This is a great site to explore others’ opinions and my own. Other parts of the net tend to be snarky and overly judgmental. I feel like my words aren’t wasted here. I can relate to other people here not just because of Schizophrenia, but with other life struggles as well.


Great web site.

I just wish that there was a separate section for those who really need emotional support and understanding support during those nasty real time circumstances.

A kind of “We are hear for you.” kind of support.


I’m, too, learning how to socialize on this site. Sometimes I did not know how to respond to a thread and then I waited to see what other members got to say. I learned a lot of the expressions and ideas as well. And I found I have become more confident in reality in making conversations with others because I know on most occasions how to interact with people now. So thanks to this site.


although i have never had the courage to “start a topic” i do enjoy reading others and making my little comments or sending an emoticom…i appreciate it alot…


Even the small talk here seems more interesting that the small talk elsewhere.

I like sharing vulnerability on this site. Out in the world it seems like so many people are trying to be invulnerable and never let their guard down.

This site has helped to open up my heart and see people as more human, and also given me ideas for the back-and-forth of everyday conversation.

I give my thanks to this site too.


I enjoy the small talk and there’s big talk on this site too. I’ve opened up on a lot of issues and given a try at humor here and there. I thoroughly enjoy the people on this site and I think they have good insight and are very interesting and supportive of each other.


Everyone - so nice to hear all the positive help that this site and the people and discussions here have provided. Great to hear its working for people - and over time we hope to make it even better.