Small spaces?

Do yall like small spaces?
I used to be very claustrophobic as a teen, but now I like small spaces. When I’m anxious I like to hide in bathroom stalls where there’s no open space. I find comfort in sitting in a smushed position so I can feel my body on itself.
If I sleep on a double bed I pile junk and pillows on the half I don’t sleep on, because it makes me feel safe.

What about you?


i used to think i could live on a boat, but soon realized it would not be enough open space for me. the thought of being stuck in a coffin disturbs me. sometimes i pull my blanket over me and pretend to be laying in my coffin haha. i guess i don’t like being confined to small spaces for a long time. i am going to be cremated and have my ashes spread somewhere wide open.

I grew up in a small bedroom. I feel more comfortable in bedsitters/studioapartments. A big house with many rooms frighten me. Yes, i like small spaces, but i like camping in the open space as well.

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