🔹 The moody blues 🔹

I had the worst night in a very long time.
It is like a switch sometimes, suddenly gets off and I am miserable as if waiting for my death.

I cried then could not think clear for a second until I dragged myself into bed to fall asleep.

I am glad I slept though quickly. Not sure what made me like that, I even skipped gym.

I had some horrifying violent dreams and woke up quiet upset and depressed.

The weather change I guess could be a factor too as it is very gloomy and I feel dead.

What do you do in situations like this?

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It could be the result of your med change and might just be temporary until you get used to it. Also are you taking your AP at the same times every day?

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No there is always up to 5 hours difference of my second medication.
I take the 80 mg from 5-8 pm
and the 40 which I have to wake up at 5 am to take it, I take it anywhere from 1-5 am depending on when I wake up and when I am awake.

I can not do more than this.

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