Slow night

Guess people are asleep or out having fun with their friends.
I wish I still had some friends.
I miss that part of life.


Yeah, I feel for ya. I only have about a couple close friends. They don’t live by me though.

Around this time the forum really slows down.


The top team for the Western Conference just got eliminated by their wild card rival just as how the Lightning got eliminated by the CBJ.

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Wake up everybody! :alarm_clock: rise and shine for midnight postings!

I’m gonna be up all night, sometimes it’s super dead and I go hours without posting anything.

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I found a station that is doing a “Bones” marathon. I was so mad when it was taken off Netflix.


It took me a long time to realize that Bones lady was related to Zooey Deschanel

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6am here. Not asleep anymore and certainly not been out with anybody.

My friends ran a mile when I was sick. They never came back and it has been over 5 years now since I could call someone a friend.

I am used to being on my own now, so it doesn’t bother me as much as it used too.

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I lost my friends about twenty years ago.
I have dreams about hanging out with them.
I just wish I could go back to that time.

Sorry to hear that.

I do sometimes dream about them too. I try sometimes to remember what I dreamed about as it’s the closest thing to interaction I have with others.

I did raise this with the community nurse and he just said you’d be surprised how many people lose their connections.

I was kinda hoping he might have been able to help sort it out, but I guess not!

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I miss having friends too. :frowning:

I believe i have friends in spirit though and that we hang out “in spirit” but not with our bodies or in person.
I even believe i have been hanging out in spirit with the woman i want to date and want as my partner.
I dont even know if she is single though.

I even had several friends call me their best friend yet they left me.
One of the friends who called me her best friend since childhood emails me a few times a year or something but she does not always reply to my mails and she seems so distant and a few emails just is not enough.I want more.
I had one guy i chated with every single day.That was really nice.
Fist thing in the morning and last thing at night we would chat every day but he left me too.
They all just distansed themselves from me.

Wonder if i said or did something while delusional etc to scare them away?

They left me :frowning: . but I like to believe they are still my friends in spirit but is that like me having “pretend friends”.

We have eachother and forum :heart_eyes:

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