Slow moving entertainment

are you interested in slow moving entertainment. im thinking things like watching a house being built. or watching a boat go down the river, or here there is this guy who flies his plane up and down the river, landing on the water, its a sea plane. some times i like to watch it take off and land on the water.

my dad is always interested in construction stuff, but im not that interested

how bout you?

or it could be watching birds or squirrels. something like that.

I have a bird feeder and I enjoy watching them. I’d never thought of “slow moving entertainment” before. That’s a good concept.

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another thing i used to do was follow baseball. by that i mean i would analyze minor leaguers stats, and look to build a winning team by trades and stuff. i did that for years, like i was a general manager of a ballclub. it was everyday activity for like 7 years, i was really into the patience it took to put together a good ballclub, with a limited budget. and then you could watch the progress on the field during the season. i think that is always why i like to root for losing baseball teams, that realistically have no chance at winning a championship.

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