Slow cooker-too much liquid, Advice needed

My stepdaughter put a beef casserole in the slow cooker only trouble is she has put a lot of liquid in ie almost to the top. Is there any way to reduce the water content so the gravy is less watery( I don’t have cornflour).

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I think either pour some liquid out or open the lid a smidge so some evaporates. Or if you are up to it try to simmer the gravy on the stovetop


I think I’ll try leaving the lid off for an hour and turning dial to high.

Pour some liquid out.
This is what I’d do.


Do you have regular flour? That could thicken it. Scoop out a portion into a container with a lid. Then add a tablespoon or so of flour. Shake it up real good until the flour is all dissolved. Then pour it back into the rest and stir it up.

Also, leave the lid off.


I’ve just done that -thanks.


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