Slipping Backwards

I’ve had schizophrenia since the 90s. I’ve been in the hospital a total of 7 times and I go to group therapy every week for almost a decade. I am having a problem right now where things aren’t seeming real to me anymore. I’m getting paranoid again. I can’t even go to he store hardly anymore. I’m having a problem as to whether knowing what happened was a dream or was it real. I’m a single dad raising my three kids (they are all teenagers) and I work part-time. I’m so scared I am going to end up back in the hospital again. I was last in the hospital last Halloween and I got onto Invega. It has been really helping me, but I have had a tramatic experience a couple weeks ago where I was attacked by my oldest son. It really through me. It was just something that has made all my symptoms worse. I don’t know. I just need to talk to someone I guess.

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Stress is a huge factor. So is trauma.

There is no reason to be paranoid, you can mindlessly roll around in most places and nothing bad will happen.

Gotta psyche yourself out of it. Or get a therapist and a psychiatrist and report to them with you’re troubles.

If you elaborate a bit more people might relate to some of it and help you from their.

Grocery stores do seem difficult for us sz. So many normal people in there.

What was that paranoia about?

I came down with schizophrenia in 1994. Props to you for independently raising three teens. That’s got to be a chore, and you are to be commended. We’re here to talk if you need an ear. Generally speaking, these boards can be helpful. Welcome aboard @zak. Hope you are able to glean some useful information from these forums.

Thanks for the welcome. My paranoia is that I feel something bad is going to happen to me if I step out of my safety zone. My safety zone has really shrunk in the last month. I just keep thinking something or someone is going to get me. I wake up at night now with nightmares again and I am edgy.

Sounds like a lot of anxiety is building in you. I was having nightmares on a nightly basis until recently. I got something from the psychiatrist to help with the anxiety, and it helped clear up my sleep. Sleep is essential for schizophrenics. Talk to your doctor and express your concerns. You mentioned you’re on Invega, so I assume you’re seeing a psychiatrist, correct?

Raising kids on your own? Fawgetaboutit you da man, man.

I have some bad dreams too.

I find that exercise helps to alleviate the bad chemicals that build up in my defective brain.

Yes, I have been seeing a psychiatrist normally since 2000. I’ve been on soooooo many different meds and it wasn’t until I got on Invega that I felt better, but my insurance cut me off of it 3 years ago and I just got back on it last December. I was on Klonopin, but was taken off of that since there is proof now that it can cause Alzheimer’s disease. It was replaced with another one and that did absolutely nothing for me. I’m on Zoloft too.

Thanks petester. I do walk a lot in my part-time job, so that gets me exercise about 2-3 times a week.

thought i would say hi.
know some one cares.
this is a supportive site.
keep posting, and stay strong…you can do it.
take care :deciduous_tree:

Thanks Darksith. For once in my life I just want to feel “normal” - whatever that is.

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i know how you feel…but your welcome and safe here…
take care :sunny:

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Just want to say welcome and know you’re not alone in this.

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@zak We are here if you want to talk about the attack from your son. I am sure that that is the source of much of your paranoia . We are usually rocked to the bone when one of our loved ones is the one that turns on us. What happened that led to the attack?

I say to you welcome to a place where you can be yourself. I remember for a thousand years of my life I always woke up with this horrible feeling of “dread” even on what might be a good day like a holiday or weekend. I do not know if that was anxiety. I am on invega now and now have been for about a month. I feel mostly pretty good. My mind seems to have cleared. I say mostly because I talked to someone at the bank on Wed. It was mostly positive; but, I was making some minor revisions to my spending habits. The banker was a very kind man. But, I still felt as if the insides of my brain had been robbed. I still have some ways to go to conquer all this and probably it will never be all. It might be a good idea to talk this over with a professional-for your own peace of mind. The only problem I seem to have with invega is that it wakes me up when I need to sleep. I think I also still have some anxiety; no dread feelings when I wake up; though. I see my pdoc on Tues afternoon. I am running out of the meds. He gave me samples! Always remember; here is a place you can go to make yourself feel “not so awfully alone!” The very best of luck to you!!!

You wrote that you were advised Klonopin might cause Alzheimers Disease. I was on it for about 5 or 6 years (I think) before they put me on Valium. I know I was on that from 2002-2013. I know I was taken off Klonopin in 2002. Do you if Valium also might cause Alzheimers Disease. If you have any information on this, please let me know. I am skeptical of these studies that say such and such causes this and this; but, I am still interested. I am not on anything like these medicines now.

He was using my laptop and I took it away from him and he just freaked out. :frowning:

I am just sick to my stomach with everything that is going on. I feel defeated. The stress is eating me alive. I will keep up on this site as it is nice that everyone is replying. I appreciate that. Hope Invega works out for you!

My pdoc weaned me off of Klonopin. She said the whole area are taking people off of it. That is the only information that I have. I have not heard if Valium does or doesn’t. I don’t think it does as they still prescribe that to others. If I find anything, I will post it for you.

I didn’t get weaned of klonopin. I just got switched from klonopin to valium overnight. I was afraid I would have withdrawal problems, but did not. I did abruptly taken off valium back in 2013. I don’t think my pdocis considering either of these medications for me at any time.