Slimfast keto "diet/lifestyle" change day1 week1

I’m trying a “diet/lifestyle” change where I drink or eat a slimfast keto meal replacement bar or drink for two meals a day and have a regular meal once a day. This is day 1 of week 1 and I feel good. I had a shake and a bit of soy milk covered chocolate cereal for breakfast and for lunch I had a shake and a few green olives and a chip and I’m not sure what I’ll have for dinner, maybe a sandwich or two (please remember a gluten free bread slice is about half the size of a glutinous bread slice and I’ll have no cheese cause I forgot to pick some up, but I will have vegan mayo)

Starting weight: 210 lbs

Morning weight: 210 lbs

Also I plan to TRY and give weekly updates maybe more or less depending on what y’alls feedback


Good luck to you! I hope you are able to make good progress :slight_smile:

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@RottenApple thanks

Good luck @Twialine. Avoid those carbs.

Wishing you luck! Keep us in the loop.


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