Slightly sick kitty

I’m not sure how our poor indoor kitty managed to contract Pink Eye (conjunctivitis), but that’s what she looks to have. Just had to clean gook out of her right eye and dosed her with more Polysporin. She’s not impressed with me right now.

A sick cat is a lot like a sick toddler. She spent an hour crying outside our bedroom door and just wanted me to hold her. Which was appreciated until I dosed her in both eyes (left one’s not infected yet, but will be given how cats clean themselves). She’s currently sitting in the corner wiping at her eyes with her paws and flicking her tail at me in her equivalent of The Finger. And… I’m fully awake now.



Our 16 year old tabby is due for a check-up. This is her usual reaction when we take her to the Vet…

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Oh poor kitty. They act like little kids when they’re sick.
It’s good you let her cuddle.

Hope she gets better soon.

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