Slept well, was nice to wake up

I slept very well and it was nice to wake up, had my breakfast, took my meds and now having some coffee. Today is going to be a beautiful sunny day and I’ll ride my bicycle, I may also take some pictures. After sleeping well my mind feels quite refreshed and my thoughts are clearer.


Great to read this .

I am happy for you that you had a good awakening and have positive plans for your day.

Wishing you a great and lovely day.

Do you do saunas?

You are from Finland I think.

The lake looks awesomely beautiful on your pictures.
Are there any saunas by it ?
Winterdip I’m freezing water and then hit the sauna with a friend can be healing and invigorating.

My father is actually great and built his own and it’s not the first time he has done so.

You had a big loss and you have done so well.

That a spirit !:metal:t5::ghost:

There is nothing like a peaceful sleep. Personally, it can be hard for me to get through the day if it didn’t start out well. I think that is more a personal character flaw than anything though.

Do you live out in the country or do you have to ride your bike through mostly populated areas before you get to the countryside?

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