Sleplesness on aps, do you have it? does it go away?

hi all!
i still have some issues with my meds. besides the fact that after my evening pill, my brain is a mess for 3 or 4 hours which is terrible, sometimes I even dont go to sleep because of my meds. sometimes I stay awake for 24 hours. its the famous sleeplessness on Zyprexa :/. do you suffer from it too? I wonder if it goes away with time…
I like this med, no other med didn’t put me on my feet like this med did it…
I try to keep an hygiene of life in order to sleep after 14 hours in the day but sometimes I just cant fall asleep for 24 hours… otherwise there is a big progress for me to do in my mental health, I dont consider myself as stabilised enough or in a good mental health :/.
thanks in advance for your answers

Zyprexa puts me to sleep for 12 hours

Sorry it doesn’t work that way for you.

I take Zolpidem for sleep issues

anybody else with this problem? is it gets better once you got used to your ap?

My sleep is fine on abilify, when I went off meds years ago (big mistake) , my sleep was very bad. So abilify helps my sleep.

i sleep twice a day after taking it…!!!
i got to reduce its dose to 5 mg…!!!

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:smile: I get really sleepy on it too.

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