Slender man documentary

Last night my husband and I watched a documentary about the two girls who tried to kill their friend because they thought they were doing it for Slenderman.
In the course of the investigation, one of the girls was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Her father has sz. This girl is 12-13. She said, and her mom confirmed, that she had hallucinations from the time she was 3 years old.
My first hallucinations were at the age of 4. I was attacked by demons at 12-13.
I wish sz was better studied and more clearly described in publications. Maybe more people would get help earlier.


That is so tragic, for all involved.

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I didn’t know there was a documentary on them! I’d watch it. That was such a strange case.

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It’s on HBO. I’m sure they’ll air it again. It was interesting.
It definitely made me feel bad for parents raising kids these days with computer/internet access to too many things. And it is difficult to monitor everything… I really feel for all involved in this case.

I thought this was a joke topic…I didn’t realize there was a preteen attempted murder case…will research further…

Two preteen girls completely believed in this Slenderman character. Kind of a bogeyman. And apparently there is a big following. These two got it in their heads that Slenderman wanted them to kill someone to “prove themselves”. They stabbed their friend and left her to die but she survived.
So the charge is attempted first degree murder.
But my focus was on the one girl being diagnosed with sz. She’s 12 or 13…
I think there are a lot of “us” who suffer from an early age…

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What a tragic story. This act of violence is the only thing people hear about SZ in our culture. Sad!

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Hmm…I read a few things…it seemed to not touch much on the Sz part of it…most of the sites even failed to mention the girls pled not guilty by reason of insanity … The victim seems to be doing well…just visited Canada with her French club…

I will have to watch the documentary…but reading the overview on slenderman…they have written a false history and connect the char to various mythical creatures and warning stories for children…very interesting modern boogie man adaptation…

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Did their dad get the girls to do what should have been his 'dirty" work?

What…why would the dad need to stab a 12old in the neck at a birthday sleepover…this seems to be the original plan…and why would the 2 12 yearolds attempt it and then cover for him…

I didn’t even know about them having sz. Which I guess I a good thing because that means it isn’t yet another story to demonize sz people.

You never know.

My first thought (hope I’m wrong) is the father is “Slenderman” and (time will tell) whether the daughter(s) have been the victim(s) of the father of (sexual?) abuse.

My first instinct was the father convinced the girls to do his “dirty” work to silence their victim.
Hope I’m just stupid, but this was what flashed in my mind within seconds after reading it.

Oh your taking writers liberties I thought you might have info i didnt see…employing preteens as hitmen seems like a terrible choice…and adults crack and sell each other out I doubt 2 12 year olds would be able to hold onto such info…


There has been an awful lot of investigation done into this crime over the last several years, and that motive has never been suggested. At this point, there isn’t any reason to suspect that.

Slender Man is an Internet meme they were obsessed with, which is plenty creepy all on its own.

The girls also thought they were hearing from Severus Snape and Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter books. Last I heard, Morgan Geyser (in prison) still believes she’s talking to Snape, who she says is her best friend.


I like how it says fictional supernatural character…what characters fall under the non fiction supernatural category that this distinguishment is required…lol


Edit: nevermind

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No, no adults were involved.

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That is funny :joy:

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Morgan is the one diagnosed with sz, whose father has sz.

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