Sleepy daytime

My sister was so much stronger than I. I think it is because she was born at midnight and I was born at 7am. All I wanted to do was sleep ( I’m nocturnal ) and the doctor kept slapping my feet together to make me alert. Is this the reason for mentally ill’s lack of motivation? Only a matter of sleepy daytime and forced into the unnatural, for us, sleeping at night.

I was born at 1030 at night!!! I’m not sure what time of day of birth says about implications for life.

I was born right after midnight. Never could get my day/night cycle right

@Pikasaur and @Jonnybegood, I’ll bet you were both active newborns. I had a thing about thinking I was Chinese (and on the other side) because I felt so forced to accept a day-night schedule that was unnatural to me.

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