Sleepoptimistic is the smartest person on forum

@ATARI I’m telling you. That communication with Johnny was funny.

(EYE) THUS BeG to DiffeR…

Peace. Love. Eternal Flatulence.


Another funny post by Patrick.

Yes he is awesome

If Yuu Vent, With Bodily Functions it’s Natural Perhaps?. Funny Yuu Mention Venting @anon39054230. Understandably it’s Understood Upon The Confusions as to Why You Would Expose Bodily Function Expression. In Such an Odd Fashion.

N e Hoo.

Thank You @GEDchill, For The Compliment.

Have a Great, Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And or Night, Gals And Guys.


DJ Nosferatu Bat (sleepoptimistic)

:snake: :pensive: :snake:


I dont know about jhnooy or his cash but ive told @ATARI the same thing many times. Hes ust a modest mouse tho. kudoes to DJ sleepoptimistic

I beg to differ. Last night I figured out how to work the heater on my car after owning my car for 8 years.


You mean wait until the AC breaks then run it full blast? I have you beat, I figured that out years ago.


After years and years of unsuccessfully trying to put ice cubes into a Dasani water bottle I recently learned that there is a trick to it. Now I can have cold water and drink it too.


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