Sleeping on the job

I’m sleeping on the job I can’t stay awake



What’s your job?

Walla is a cruise engineer …!!! Sup walla bro … u are still working beside sleeping and hats up to u…

I build yachts.

Quite demanding


It does sound demanding @anon20318121 - impressive!

I got reprimanded a couple of times for sleeping on the job when I was working the graveyard shift.

BTDT at several jobs.

Be careful if you have to drive to work. I was in a car accident once that technically wasn’t my fault but could have been less severe if I had been more alert.

I nap at work. I work next to a window so I open a big paper file and prop my head up against my hand and pretend I’m reading the file while facing the window and shut my eyes.

If it weren’t for the phone ringing I’d get a good nap in.


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