Sleeping late due to holiday

The holiday messed up my sleep. I sleep late the last few days and still sleep late. I used to sleep at 11pm. Now its midnight fully awake its not even the caffeine


Lately, except for tonight, I’ve been falling asleep at around 8 pm to 9 pm and waking up around 10 am. I get up for about 30 minutes around midnight to move from the couch to bed and to brush my teeth and check my phone, but that’s it. Im worried I have sleep apnea or something

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I woke up early this morning, i don’t think i got much sleep but i had a nice dream, yeah i think i slept for 2 hrs.

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I didn’t even sleep at all last night and that was after taking an Ativan. I have to work the next three days and the holiday was so stressful that I am in worse shape now than before it started. I’m not sure how well I’ll function on practically no sleep.

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I hope you get through work fine and get some sleep after.

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