Sleeping is so important

Yesterday my mind was totally messed up because I had not slept well … I started having all kinds of paranoid thoughts about things that could have not happened, at least not in this world with very very small probability … 0.025 % … in this morning I woke up after a 11-hour sleep and felt much better


If I don’t sleep, I become symptomatic pretty quickly. I think sleep is more important for people with mental health issues, but sometimes the problem is the quality of sleep.


Had a bad night sleep last night and felt weird all today as a result.

i’m sleeping all time cause it’s make me feel invisible and make me forget this world :slight_smile::wink:

Even if I have a nap for about 30 minutes, I feel better after it.

yeah, sleep is very good.

I had 3 short naps today, get so much more done doing that