Sleeping and symptoms

ive notice that the more i sleep the better of i am from getting any symptoms from my schizophrenia. i go to bed at like 8 or 10pm and wake up at 6am to take care of my kid until 9am then i go back to bed until 1 pm. i havent had any voices in the past month, and thats while on my medication. where i usually get at least some voices through out the day before i started this sleep ritual. i didnt try to do it on purpose i just notice that i more grumpy when i didnt get enough sleep, so i decided to do it to relieve stress on the family. it would be nice if it were true.

Look up “sleep deprivation” on google, and those are the symptoms for normal people.

And this article says it can cause hallucinations in normal people:

I’m tired all the time no matter how much I sleep. No idea why.

are you on a set schedule for sleep or do you sleep when you can? @Anna

ive noticed that once i set a schedule to when i sleep, i had a better sleep and felt more rested when i was finished sleeping i think it has something to do with you internal clock. ive read that if you are awoken from your sleep that you clock resets when you go back to sleep and if you dont get a full 8hrs from then you will feel tired.

Good sleep hygiene helps keep me on schedule and it helps me sleep better.

another thing that helps is at least 30 min - an hour of decompression before I try and go to sleep. If I go to sleep restless or agitated… I don’t sleep well.

Tip 2 and 3 really helped me.

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i am happy for you.
i now go to bed at 10pm wake up at 7am…i used to have a major problem with sleep…now it is prettty amazing for me anyway. routine works.
take care

Sleep is great, when I have slept well my mind is much clearer, but to achieve this sleep I need to take my meds in the evening and to avoid caffeine, there is a reason why some people use this sleep deprivation as their method, because the lack of sleep can really mess up a human mind. Sleep is great.

@mjseu yeah i know what you mean, right after my dad pasted away i had problems sleeping i would only sleep for like 4hrs a day for about a month is how long it went on. and i had problems mentally, i still did good in my classes but it was obvious that it was messing me up emotionally besides my dads passing. as well i had one time that a friend tried to wake me up to go to the gym with him and he said i woke up and started cursing up and down at him which i was unaware of and said that i went right back to sleep. i apologized and it didnt raise a flag to me that i was having a problem because i was so out of it at the time. but i wish i sought mental help earlier than i did which it came down to me going to psych wards to finally see that i had a problem.

Yep I go to sleep the same time every night and wake up the same time every morning.

The only thing I can attribute it to is that my diet is crappy, haha. I need more protein.

yeah ive really laid of sugars and carbs for me so… such as beer and soda. i drink club soda now. which doesnt seem very high in sodium to me because i just take it out of the meals that i dont really need it in and add flavors with spices so. but club soda has definitely helped me cut out some bad stuff.

Being well rested does improve patience to deal with the symptoms. It also keeps some of the weight gain away because sleep increases metabolism.

I go to bed around 11 at night, but I have problems falling sleep because the voices use to work like a white noise machine, and now that they are not there is hard for me to fall sleep. I usually stay awake until 12, then wake up at 6 am to take care of my kids, and at 8 I go back to sleep till 2 or 3 pm.
During the day I can fall sleep without voices but is hard to fall sleep at night when there is nothing going on in your brain. I feel like the medicine took that “life” from me.