Sleep paralysis/black entity

I know I’m not suppose to talk about fight club but I can’t help it. I was chilling with the guys today and we was watching his and hers. When I looked up she said"we talk about fight club" ANYWAYS after me being sleep deprived and having enough serotonin from being out in the sun plus falling asleep before sun set ,my body was able to break down the serotonin to make melatonin which enabled me for a possible astral projection/o.b.e …(sorry for the run ons)soo I feel the wave coming when I woke up in the middle of the night and in my head I’m like"another astral projection". Later I found out it was sleep paralysis. These are just fancy words. When I opened my eyes there was this black speckled entity on top of me pinning me down. Holding my arms. I couldn’t move so when I tried to look at its face I couldn’t see …because I couldn’t move. The chest piece and it’s right torso was in my vision. The first few times I seen this thing I just seen then arm reaching out to me. I feel like that’s a symbolic message for whatever it is got me stuck.idk

Lots of people experience sleep paralysis and it can be pretty scary. It can also include hypnagogic hallucinations. Also a lot of people “shadow people” as a result of the hypnagogic/hypnopompic hallucinations. Sometimes it’s from the extreme anxiety that comes with sleep paralysis, like your brain trying to come up with a reason as to why you can’t move. While it can be pretty freaky or scary to experience, it’s nothing to be worried about in and of itself.

Here is a reddit thread of people describing their experiences, so you can see that you’re not alone:

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Thanks . After watching “shadow people” on tv a couple years ago I realized it’s like a placebo

My cousin once experienced a spirit strangling him while he was sleeping…

My dogs were sleeping on top of my covers pinning me down and causing me sleep paralysis.

I would ask why you are hearing things. If told to do something weird or illegal, I would just ignore it. Sometimes you just came across the wrong wealthy people in the community & you need to say nothing, avoid anyone you met through them and ignore the voices without talking to yourself. If you tell off one of these richies, they may torture you for decades. Just ignore them if they stalk you.

Some people go out and do thought broadcasting but is your decision to go stalk someone to verbally harass a stranger… do it twice on same person and you can get a restraining order. If you go into store, you need to get a cart and buy something with cash so they cannot trace you. Can also just try working if you are not, after a while you get more respect than on the check.

Can just say no-thank you and get up for a while.

The casper, incubus/succubus, is just a local fetish with the wealthy sicko who runs your area. They usually don’t hit the men. This can go until you orgasm but would not play along with the paralysis thing either. Sadly, some teen girls had to deal with this as an attack a lot and it’s totally legal. Is local fetish best dealt with by moving away but sad when teen gets caught until 18 with this regular abuse. May get more strangers harassing you too if you let casper bother you all the way.

This could stop if you share the bed. You may be told to walk up to nice looking lady or whatever by talking crazy and ask if she wants to talk for a while. See what you think. If she picks you up talking about your private thoughts, she can know a lot about the community. This can be fine but do know these will dump you if voices demand or going gets tough. Can be all weirdos or poor witch ladies ran until she’s a psycho witch. Relationship keeps the social problems away, housing worries and work harassment (mostly happens to women).

Could consider moving to new area with different GAWD sickos, different fetish.

May be good time to get ambien from psych dr to override but you can be woke up from ambien-sleep too.

Hope this helps. Is just technology from govt man, so don’t sweat it as it just feeds bad joker. Being poor in US can stink as rights are almost a sham.

Are you in school? Voices just spoke up… They made the schools a battle ground around here last year – MO & KS. Freaking hate it is just a disaster but living in dorms or greek can be hell. You are around so many people who have money, it is a freaking disaster with all those monied POS mixing with poor people. Some of the wealthy roommates wreck people too…Cannot get angry, just move quietly or you will be put through worse. RANT! I got f-d too. I won’t even work at the colleges after seeing sex harassment by instructor on poor single lady secretary who earned $9, sex harassment with HUGE audience sometimes. It was regular thing for this instructor to harass students and allow harassment in his classes…

University in MO actually fired the pres for allowing racism. Kansas had shrink going around scaring some students who were mistreated by staff at KU and Emporia.

If happens any more…

You can drop and still get Withdraw if you want but may have to pay back Pell Grant, scholarships or loan. Could throw a fit to dean and insist on finishing it by online classes. Claim the dorm is causing you allergy attack from mold.

Dang man. Some people camp in a van until they are through this semester. Little studio apartment in poor area with nothing in it is better than hanging with the wealthy whites at colleges with this US govt who are supporters of the wealthy weirdo ‘special interest groups’. Or ask to be moved to another room at dorm. Can take a job working as manager for drug rehab place or mental care group home, at least you are sleeping somewhere else. Hate the suggestion but homeless shelter manager may be sympathetic if you offer to work the desk in evening and do homework…Computer lab is better idea than laptop or keep it on you. Can get a bike lock thing off ebay and lock laptop to desk legs. (Guy at school who brings around equipment and locks it to desk may know where you can buy one.)

Might couch surf.

May consider a school near family & just work plus take classes in evening. If you work fast food or grocery for 6 months, bank will hire anyone 21 if your credit is not trashed & you have clean record just learn 10-key from typing tutor at Best Buy. Bartender pays good at nice hotels. School bus driver can take classes during day/evenings.

They would tell me it’s asleep apnea. But I have been there.

Thanks for the info. I have a dream of going to college but I’m21 and running out of time.

I’m almost 29 and going back to college, it’s not too late. My mom went back to college at 58.

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You become Pell Grant eligible at 24 but is harder to pass the english/math. Better to use community college if you need to retake any old classes before you can take English 101/College Algebra. It’s $100 an hour at community college; state university runs $300. Better to work than socialize with the Greek thing at university. The richies are big trouble. Living in the dorm brings you close to the troubled too. Better to choose the cheap studio apartment route with very little stuff, it doesn’t bite that often. Can be better just going online.

If you get laid off, go over to Unemployment Office and ask about worker retraining. Can get certification or 2 year associates degree at community college free while they pay you unemployment pay. Worth knowing if you get dropped from your job.

Glad what I wrote was helpful. Hope you don’t have another incident.

I want to take those classes that makes my brain tingle
@minnie what’s the first step because I kinda want to get my appearance together so I can be more confident

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I’ll have to try that. I was only working for three months part time last year so I might not be eligible for unemployment