Sleep issue

i think i am oversleeper
i always feel guilty about that
no doctor ever helped me with that
now i think the problem is not with oversleeping
it is how i look to oversleeping
may be if i am tolerant with how i m
may be i ll be better
may be who know


Some people need more sleep than othera. If you think you are sleeping too much, talk to your doctor about it. It could be a sign that you are depressed, or that you are on too much medicine. It is not a sign that you are lazy. Even lazy people can’t sleep more than they need.


I agree with @ninjastar. Talk to your dr about it. When I was taking seroquel, I couldn’t get enough sleep no matter how much I slept. I was always extremely tired and hungry.

Also, it could be sleep apnea, so you should talk to your dr about it.

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I’ve gotten about 1 1/2 days sleep in the past 7 days… pls help

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