Sleep is messed up

Got myself into a cycle of awake for a few hours/take to bed for a few hours ie more a succession of cat naps than a good 6-8 hours sleep.
Have tended to take to bed during the day once or twice as feel bored/empty and can see little point of being up but it’s now got even worse .

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I’m having trouble sleeping myself at the moment

I’m that way right now as well.
No creativity.
No motivation.
No schedule.
Hard to break this cycle.

Got a wake up call. Blood pressure was up above 140 for the first time ever when taken at the depot clinic. It seems that sleeping too much can cause raised BP and increased risk of strokes. Obviously awake 2-3 hours asleep 2-3 hours has had a detrimental effect on my BP.

I would never have thought that.
wondering if you are depressed.
What did you doctor say?

Vis bridgecomet’s question, it does sound like it may be classic clinical depression.

I had very serious problems with very similar symptoms about 13 years ago. It led to some very serious stuff that I could have avoided if I had gotten into the 1) realistic exercise, 2) group therapy, 3) workbook therapy, and back to the 12 Step meetings I got into a few years later. I hope you may be able to learn from my mistake.

Vis the 12 Step meetings, there must be a group in that realm for pretty much everything. If you’re not an alkie or a druggie, you can find them for all manner of other things. I got way into Relationships Anonymous, Emotions Anonymous and Co-Dependence Anonymous, for example. Gave me something to look forward to and get something meaningful from.

Didn’t see the doctor. They took my blood pressure and weight etc at the depot clinic. Re being depressed-maybe I am mildly. Words I connect with a lot are empty/bored/hopeless/worthless.
They know about my erratic sleep habits but don’t seem overly concerned.

**Sounds like it too me. I hope you can get outside more and the weather is good. Spring air is good for you :sunrise_over_mountains: **