Sleep is Important!

I can’t stress this enough to everyone on here. This week I haven’t been getting enough sleep, just because I haven’t been going to bed on time because I didn’t feel like it.

Even after the first night with only six hours of sleep my symptoms started coming back. 4 days later with 6 hours of sleep each day (I didn’t think 2 less hours of sleep every night would be a big deal!!) I was experiencing symptoms as badly as I was the beginning of senior year.

I’m very glad I had my helper voices there to keep me calm last night. I was heavily dissociated. Balloons above my bed looked like mangled and broken bodies hanging. Coats in the closet looked like demonic creatures. It got to the point where I couldn’t look at ANYTHING because I was seeing the world through nightmare vision or something.

I was hiding under my blankets all last night while my helpers tried to keep me calm. Demons have harassed me every. Single. Night this week. I’ve been seeing the horrible faces when I close my eyes. Nightmares every night too.

I thought getting two hours less sleep every night wouldn’t matter but it did, a lot. I got 7 hours of sleep last night and feel mildly better today. I’m very scared for night time as that is when my symptoms get the worst. And I keep seeing posts from people on here about getting no sleep at ALL and if 6 hours is enough to set me off like this, no sleep is definitely out!!

Getting the right amount of shut eye can mean preventing a relapse! Sleep is very, very important for us. That’s my advice to everyone. Geez.

I’ve often asked how much is the prime requisite of sleep needed for SZ and SZA alike. I always get varied results. But we you are not alone.

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I know what you mean, when insomnia starts psychosis is soon to follow. It has been so predictable that my pdoc medicated me according to times like that differently.

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It’s interesting because even if a non-sz person goes a certain amount of time without sleep they begin to develop psychotic symptoms. Of course, that requires several days without any sleep whatsoever.

Meanwhile if I get a couple of less hours of sleep than normal I get symptomatic. Sigh.

Yeah I’m not sure. I always try to get 8 hours of sleep usually.

Most of the times once I miss one night of good sleep it just goes downhill from there, because then my symptoms come back and keep me up every night because I get so freaked out.

Since I started medication I seem to be sleeping better, before I would take 1-2 hr naps throughout the day.

Im involved in a actual job now also and that helps regulating my daily life.

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And most cases you need sleep to recover from the psychosis. Which means it takes a few days more sleep to catch up. 'Nothing better then missing days that way. I get so disorientated it takes me anther day to work out what day of the week it is.

I used to sleep hours during the day back during when my psychosis was the worst.

It’s bad to sleep too much because dreaming requires complex processes in your brain. The more you sleep the longer your dream cycles get, which means the more your brain works and you’ll just wake up mentally exhausted.

It does take a lot of maintenance dealing with this but I try to be optimistic,usually so I figure sz gives me a little edge over normal people.

I think that me not needing 8hrs sleep to be productive is a good thing.

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Welbutrin causes insomia

The older you are the less sleep you need. Full grown adults are said to be able to function fine with 6 hours.

People my age though, young adults are supposed to have 8.

And it’s normal for the elderly to get even less than 6 hours sleep.

Sleep deprivation makes me weird. And it can cause hallucinations.